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Gold Logie award-winner Rove McManus hosts Rove Live. Rove's no longer the newest kid on the talk show block -- he's a seasoned professional, able to match wits with the best in the business. Regular segments on Rove Live include Two Minutes @ Your House, Roving with Rove, Flick Your Switch, My Charader, and the ever-popular What The...?. The show also makes creative use of its database of willing Live List members who volunteer to have their lives interrupted on air. And let's not forget a guest list comprising the biggest names Rove can lay his hands on, each and every week.

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Текущий сезон 3 завершен

Название BaibaKo OzzTV Дата выхода IMDB
S03 E01 Palm Springs Getaway 09 Mar 2018 8.1
S03 E02 Winners and Losers 09 Mar 2018 7.6
S03 E03 Arya and Greg 09 Mar 2018 7.8
S03 E04 I'm Sick 09 Mar 2018 7.3
S03 E05 Bertie's Birthday 09 Mar 2018 8.6
S03 E06 Directing 09 Mar 2018 7.7
S03 E07 Sarah from College 09 Mar 2018 8.2
S03 E08 Stunt Show 09 Mar 2018 8.0
S03 E09 You're My Gran Torino 09 Mar 2018 7.9
S03 E10 The Cruikshanks 09 Mar 2018 8.4
S03 E11 Anniversary Party 09 Mar 2018 9.0
S03 E12 Catalina 194 09 Mar 2018 8.7