Версаль / Versailles

Versailles, 1667. Louis XIV was 28 years old. To rise to the heights of the nobility and wield its absolute power, he launched the construction of Versailles... it proved to be a snare. Louis XIV is a young King haunted by childhood trauma, the Fronde civil, a rebellion of the nobility against his father, Louis XIII... It will prove be a strategic policy out of the ordinary, manipulative, Machiavellian, and he will //"invent//" Versailles for the nobles of Paris, to keep them under control, and gradually transform the castle into a golden prison. But how will Louis live as the greatest King in the world? Historical fiction of the court figures and the more humble villagers, guiding us in a world of betrayals and secrets, politicking and declarations of love.


Текущий сезон 3 завершен

Название Дата выхода IMDB
S03 E01 Smoke and Mirrors 23 Apr 2018 7.4
S03 E02 Question of Trust 23 Apr 2018 7.2
S03 E03 The Truth Will Burst 30 Apr 2018 6.9
S03 E04 Crime and Punishment 30 Apr 2018 6.7
S03 E05 The After-Life 07 May 2018 7.0
S03 E06 The Wheel of Fortune 07 May 2018 6.9
S03 E07 The Book of Revelations 14 May 2018 6.7
S03 E08 Men and Gods 14 May 2018 6.7
S03 E09 The Powder Keg 21 May 2018 6.4
S03 E10 The Legacy 21 May 2018 6.4